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The Milky Way still feels the effects of the collision with the mysterious galaxy

More recently, the world of astronomy has heard that the Milky Way's disc is wrinkled vertically, just like a sheet of roofing. Astronomers wondered why this was happening. Eventually, they decided to take a closer look at the newly discovered galaxy Antlia 2, which is currently 130,000 light-years from the center of our galaxy.

Here are New Year's greetings from the crew of the International Space Station

What will 2021 bring? Nobody knows yet, but it is certain that humanity will remain in orbit and will conduct experiments there and explore the abyss of outer space. Three astronauts and two astronauts wished all Earthlings in traditional New York style.

This is Hyperscreen, a 65-inch display in the cockpit of a new electrician from Mercedes

Mercedes intends to offer its fans and potential customers a completely new line of fully electric vehicles. They are to be vehicles that will set new trends in the automotive industry in every way, in terms of driving pleasure, comfort, functionality and safety.

The British are preparing an innovative vaccine for CoVID-19 in the form of slices

If panic fear of needles prevents you from vaccinating against the coronavirus, then you should be interested in the new solution presented by experts from Swansea University. We are talking about a patch that we stick to the skin like those that help fight nicotine addiction and wear for 24 hours. A working prototype will be presented by April, and although it should not be expected that it will be possible to use it later this year, with a less optimistic variant, we will vaccinate Covid-19 as for the flu, i.e. every year, we will ultimately have a less invasive route of administration.

We know the names of the daredevils that Axiom Space will send Dragon to the cosmic home

The company seems to have very ambitious plans for space tourism. The interest in space travel is growing every year among wealthy travelers. This news is very happy, as increased competition should positively affect the price of such trips. For now, it will be an Earth orbit in the form of the International Space Station, and then private hotels, bases on the Moon and Mars.

See how beautiful the launch of the SpaceX rocket with space Internet satellites looked like

Currently, there are over 1,000 satellites of the space Internet from SpaceX in orbit. Another package will join them in the following days. The launch as part of the Starlink-17 mission took place with the rocket's main stage previously used 4 times. It has already participated in the Starlink-14, Starlink-11, GPS III-3 and Turksat 5A missions. Cargo covers also participated in the missions. One of them in the SAOCOM 1B mission, and the other in GPS III.