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See the smallest Christmas tree in the world. It was created in the laboratory and consists of only 51 atoms

The atomic Christmas tree was created in the laboratory of the Delft University of Technology. Maura Willems, a physics student, decided to create the smallest Christmas tree in the world. The Christmas tree is made of just 51 atoms and is 4 nanomers tall. Human hair is a giant with it, because it is as much as 40,000 times narrower than it.

See how the sky taxi EHang already flies between Chinese cities

We recently showed you that the EHang 216 taxi appeared as a flying fire engine in one of the Chinese cities, as well as in the capital of South Korea, where it was tested by medical services for several days. In Seoul, the air vehicle played the role of a system for transporting equipment to rescue sites.

New news about the futuristic city of the future. The Prince of Saudi Arabia presents The Line

The green venture is part of the Saudi Vision 2030 plan, which aims to transform the country into a global superpower thanks to sky-high funding from the sale of oil, gas and the latest technology. The largest technology companies in the world are or will be involved in the project, including Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, etc. The common goal is to build a metropolis for the 21st century, in which the most futuristic achievements will be used on a daily basis for the good of humanity.

We know the names of the daredevils that Axiom Space will send Dragon to the cosmic home

The company seems to have very ambitious plans for space tourism. The interest in space travel is growing every year among wealthy travelers. This news is very happy, as increased competition should positively affect the price of such trips. For now, it will be an Earth orbit in the form of the International Space Station, and then private hotels, bases on the Moon and Mars.

Speed ​​in Poland increased by as much as 23 percent during the pandemic

It is safe to say that things are going well in the Polish space of the global network, and it will keep getting better. At least that's what telecoms say. In the last year, the speed of access to the network from stationary devices increased by 23 percent (to 78.8 Mb / s), and mobile devices by 27 percent (to 26.3 Mb / s). It was also great in the case of 5G, which is still developing in our country (100 Mb / s).

It's time for the first smartphone with a 200 Mpix camera and 16K movies. The Chinese are preparing the premiere

He talks here about the ZTE company, which is known in Poland, but not very popular. It is a pity, because few people are aware of the fact that it was she who released the first smartphone in the world with a selfie camera hidden under the screen for mass sale. It is about the ZTE Axon 20 5G, which has already been available for purchase since last October.

The Netherlands is on the final straight to legalize the suicide pill

Euthanasia is a very controversial topic that arouses the most emotions in the Netherlands, where the famous Dutch Association for Voluntary Ending of Life (NVVE) was founded. Despite the fact that it has been practiced in this country for a long time, the organization has now started discussing the legalization of the pill that allows someone to commit suicide, even without the doctor's consent to euthanasia and his presence.

Watch the spectacular explosion of the Starship prototype just before landing

The SN9 prototype was unlucky from the beginning. During construction in the hangar, it tilted slightly and hit the hangar wall. The damage was not serious, so the engineers decided to allow the vehicle for testing and flight. Unfortunately, Starship had another bad luck during the take-off. Experts believe one of the Raptor engines has failed.