We know the names of the daredevils that Axiom Space will send Dragon to the cosmic home We recently learned that Axiom Space will build in orbit the first private space station for wealthy tourists and send four daredevils to the ISS, and now we know the names of the lucky ones.

The company seems to have very ambitious plans for space tourism. The interest in space travel is growing every year among wealthy travelers. This news is very happy, as increased competition should positively affect the price of such trips. For now, it will be an Earth orbit in the form of the International Space Station, and then private hotels, bases on the Moon and Mars.

Axiom Space announced that the first mission will take place early next year. A professional NASA astronaut with three private tourists is to go to the space home. Who are the lucky ones? Well, Michael López-Alegría (NASA), Mark Pathy, Larry Connor and Eytan Stibbe. They will travel in the new Dragon capsule from SpaceX, which will be on top of the Falcon-9 rocket. Elon Musk's company has carried out two flights with NASA astronauts on board, with a third coming soon.

The company revealed that one ticket costs about $ 50 million. Tourists are to stay in space for 10 days (2 days travel and 8 days stay on the ISS). After this flight, Axiom Space plans to make at least two or three such journeys a year until the construction of the first space hotel. Once it is built, flights may even take place every two weeks.

NASA recently announced that it chose the company to build the first commercial module that would house space travelers with a wealthy wallet. For the agency itself and the US government, this is a very important issue, because the cost of maintaining a space house is increasing year by year, and its value for state institutions is low. It is completely different from the point of view of private companies that conduct experiments important for their development there.

Module 1 will be attached to the Node 2 port on the ISS. Dragon capsules from SpaceX and Orion from Boeing will be able to dock directly to it. Axiom ensures that the module will have all the necessary life support systems, bedrooms, toilet, kitchen and space for experiments, enabling the normal existence of as many as seven astronauts. They will also be able to count on a bit of luxury. However, the most important aspect of WEB Engineering online news in orbit will be just admiring our planet from the perspective of space. For such views, it will be worth paying $ 45,000 per day of stay.

As a reminder, the completion of works on the ISS is expected between 2024 and 2028. When the International Space Station ceases to function, Module 1 will be disconnected from it and will become the first private and fully independent space station. This piece of the new home for astronauts is due to be launched into orbit in early 2021. The module itself measures 9 by 5 meters, so it will be one of the largest payloads ever launched into space. The module will be expanded with new elements until a new, large space station is built.