This is Hyperscreen, a 65-inch display in the cockpit of a new electrician from Mercedes The German concern surprised the automotive world with an innovative interior of its latest incarnation of the flagship S-class, and now gives a secret to what the cockpit of the electric version will look like.

Mercedes intends to offer its fans and potential customers a completely new line of fully electric vehicles. They are to be vehicles that will set new trends in the automotive industry in every way, in terms of driving pleasure, comfort, functionality and safety.

We recently saw the almost futuristic technologies aboard the S-Class for 2021 in action, and now we can see a substitute for the very futuristic EQS ​​electric cockpit. Engineers and designers have placed a MBUX Hyperscreen with a 56-inch display inside. We can already say that in the future the entire interior will be one big display.

The company's representatives believe that thanks to them it will be possible to eliminate physical buttons and improve the functionality of vehicle operation while traveling. Fans of the brand, however, have more divided views on this topic. Either way, we have to prepare for the fact that other producers will follow a similar path in the coming years.

According to information provided by Mercedes, the MBUX Hyperscreen panel will be covered with a special anti-reflective coating and will support 12 pressure points. We can also count on full integration with the Mercedes-Benz User Experience system. web tools we can see in the graphics, physical ventilation grilles will be built into the display, which is a very interesting solution.

The company reports that displays of this type will begin to appear in the first vehicles at the end of 2021. The first electrician to be equipped with it is the EQS. In this line, Mercedes intends to finally surprise us with futuristic solutions that have been created for years, but so far we could only see them at car showrooms in the presented prototypes.