The Netherlands is on the final straight to legalize the suicide pill The Netherlands, once the Netherlands, wants to go a step further in its projects of total self-determination for its citizens as an independent, independent entity. This time, the foundations want to legalize the so-called Last Will Pills.

Euthanasia is a very controversial topic that arouses the most emotions in the Netherlands, where the famous Dutch Association for Voluntary Ending of Life (NVVE) was founded. Despite the fact that it has been practiced in this country for a long time, the organization has now started discussing the legalization of the pill that allows someone to commit suicide, even without the doctor's consent to euthanasia and his presence.

You can order such tablets without any problems, even without leaving your home, because via the global network, and they will come to us from faraway China or Mexico. However, they are not legal, and the foundation's point is that no one has to hide their desires.

At the moment, only doctors can give consent to take one's own life in the Land of Tulips. After all, they play the role of judges, so they often refuse, for ethical or moral reasons. Therefore, the Dutch Association for Voluntary Ending of Life wants to give full power over the same subject.

The idea of ​​the organization, however, is not addressed to healthy people who want to log out of this world, but to terminally ill people. They will not have to wait for such consent, and will be able to carry out euthanasia on their own, with the help of e.g. just this pill. Moreover, this drug would be widely and legally available, such as contraceptives.

This idea is not liked by opponents of euthanasia, who believe that uncontrolled access to this type of dangerous life hacker may lead to a situation in which criminals, mentally ill or depressed people acquire them and use them with premeditation on their victims or unconsciously on themselves. There is also a political issue. The legal pill can also be a good way to remove political opponents. Especially since nobody will check why someone took his own life.

The opponents sound the alarm that it may happen that a drunk colleague puts a death pill in another's glass and unknowingly kills him. Meanwhile, the director of the Dutch Association for Voluntary Ending of Life believes that the euthanasia right legalized in 2001 in the Netherlands was not abused, so now is the time to amend it. According to him, pathological situations will be marginal and we should not worry about them.