Superhero film highlight on Netflix: Marvel can wrap up, Melissa McCarthy now has superpowers

Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer become superheroes in the upcoming Netflix fun Thunder Force. The first trailer for the action adventure not only attracts with a few references to the great superhero film models from DC and Marvel (keywords: Kiss from a Rose and Thunderstruck).

It also promises entertaining fun, in which two heroines of everyday life are given incredible powers at once.

Check out the German trailer for Thunder Force on Netflix:

What is the Netflix superhero adventure about?

There are no superheroes in the world of Thunder Force - until scientist Emily (Octavia Spencer) develops a compound that gives normal people superpowers. Unintentionally, her estranged childhood friend, Lydia (Melissa McCarthy), becomes the first guinea pig. The two women soon take on the bad guys of Chicago as Thunder Force (including Bobby Canavale).

The Facts About Thunder Force: When Is The Superhero Fun Coming To Netflix And More

When is Thunder Force coming to Netflix? There is currently no start date for Thunder Force. But the film shouldn't be too long in coming.

Who is part of the cast? Oscar winner Octavia Spencer (Ma) and two-time Oscar nominee Melissa McCarthy (Can You Ever Forgive Me?) Lead the action comedy.

The villain with the cute name The King plays Bobby Cannavale (Ant-Man and the Wasp), while Jason Bateman (Ozark), as seen in the trailer, plays "The Crab". With Pom Klementieff, a real star from the Marvel Cinematic Universe is also on board.

Who is behind the Netflix movie? Melissa McCarthy's husband, Ben Falcone, is again directing and writing the film. Falcone was most recently responsible for superintelligence.

Thunder Force is for fans of: Spy - Susan Cooper Undercover, The Boys and Brautalarm.

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