Speed ​​in Poland increased by as much as 23 percent during the pandemic SpeedTest.pl measurement platform has published the latest data on Internet speed in our country. The data is surprisingly good, as we recorded significant increases over the past year.

It is safe to say that things are going well in the Polish space of the global network, and it will keep getting better. At least that's what telecoms say. In the last year, the speed of access to the network from stationary devices increased by 23 percent (to 78.8 Mb / s), and mobile devices by 27 percent (to 26.3 Mb / s). It was also great in the case of 5G, which is still developing in our country (100 Mb / s).

Last year was marked by a pandemic and remote work of millions of Poles. Operators and customers faced the sad reality of a massive network load. However, there is nothing bad that would not turn out to be good. This fact determined them to invest in new technologies, thanks to which the quality of Internet access increased and we all benefited from it.

The operators ensure that in the coming months, the pandemic will continue to favor a greater demand for fast data transfer in the network, so that investments will be continued, and we will be able to enjoy more pleasant browsing of Internet resources at lower costs.

SpeedTest also published a list of Internet providers who, based on tests on its platform, could boast the fastest access to the network. INEA topped the rate with 144.9 Mbps. The company was ahead of UPC, hyperlinks and Vectra. INEA also achieved a great result in terms of sending data, which even outclassed the competition with an average result of 145 Mb / s. UPC is in second place with an average speed of only 20.3 Mb / s.