South African coronavirus strain much more resistant? What about vaccines? For several days, we have been hearing about a new strain of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus from South Africa, which is supposed to be more resistant to vaccination - is there really anything to fear?

At the very beginning, it is worth noting that the coronavirus mutation itself is not something special, because all viruses mutate - the only question is where the changes take place inside and how quickly mutations occur, because these factors have a huge impact on our fight against the pandemic. And although until recently most of the mutations did not cause anxiety among doctors and scientists, because they did not change the characteristics of SARS-CoV-2, a strain from Great Britain has recently appeared, which is characterized by a greater infectivity, and now we are getting news about a strain from South Africa which, in turn, is to be additionally more resistant to vaccines that we have recently started administering.

It is true that we are not 100% sure that this is the case, because scientists are still conducting relevant research, but the local scientific community reports that the concerns are justified: - This is only a theoretical concern, but it is justified that the South African variant may be more resistant - says the professor Shabir Madhi speaking for the BBC. Theoretically, we are dealing with a different virus than the one in Great Britain, but at the same time, both have the same N501Y mutation, which is most likely responsible for the increased transmission speed. But the virus on the islands in the first phase of research does not show increased immunity to vaccination, and the one from South Africa, which has become the dominant in this country, unfortunately does.

According to microbiologist at the University of Reading, Simon Clarke, this is due to changes in the virus's peak protein, which is responsible for the entry of the virus into our body. And since this is what the work on current vaccines was based on, there is a reasonable risk that the South African coronavirus variant will be more resistant to them ... well, it can also cope with antibodies present in the body after the disease Covid-19. Does this mean that vaccinations are meaningless? On the contrary! Scientists assure that in the face of these mutations, vaccinations are even more Cybernews because although their effects may theoretically be weaker in the case of some mutations, they will cope well with others, and what is more, the composition of some of them can be modified within a few weeks, adapting to prevailing situation. Moreover, the need for simultaneous distribution of vaccinations around the world is clearly visible here, because if we leave some regions, such as Africa, to themselves, the results can be dire.