See the smallest Christmas tree in the world. It was created in the laboratory and consists of only 51 atoms Some people have great aspirations to put the largest Christmas tree in their homes and show it to their friends, while others can create it on a scale that cannot be seen with the naked eye.

The atomic Christmas tree was created in the laboratory of the Delft University of Technology. Maura Willems, a physics student, decided to create the smallest Christmas tree in the world. The Christmas tree is made of just 51 atoms and is 4 nanomers tall. Human hair is a giant with it, because it is as much as 40,000 times narrower than it.

The student in her experiment used a scanning tunneling microscope that can scan individual atoms to build small structures. In fact, with its help you can build whatever you want. The device creates structures atom by atom. It can easily build objects the size of a DNA strand.

Behold, the world's smallest

The Christmas tree, which is actually a triangle, is quite a graceful structure to create in the nano scale. Willems admitted that it would be much more difficult to build a snowflake. Its scale, however, would have to be much larger, because only then would we be able to create such infinite patterns as it is in the standard scale.