See how the sky taxi EHang already flies between Chinese cities The Chinese company and its sky taxis are being received more and more in many countries around the world. It seems that we are just one step away from popularizing this form of transport in metropolises.

We recently showed you that the EHang 216 taxi appeared as a flying fire engine in one of the Chinese cities, as well as in the capital of South Korea, where it was tested by medical services for several days. In Seoul, the air vehicle played the role of a system for transporting equipment to rescue sites.

The vehicle recently visited the city of Zhaoqing, Guangdong Province, China for a few days. A local real estate company decided to check whether this form of air transport would work on the occasion of potential customers' flights over Its Science club that are for sale. The originators of the project also want to organize tourist flights by electric taxis over Chinese cities.

It turns out that the EHang 216 sky taxi is perfect for this. The autonomous octocopter resembles a small helicopter equipped with eight engines. It can take two people or 140 kilograms of cargo on board. According to its designers, a 2-hour battery charging provides a 23-minute flight over a distance of 30 kilometers at a speed of 100 km / h, at an altitude of 300-500 meters.

Urban transport experts believe that the first commercial flights with such machines are to become a reality next year. In China, the United Arab Emirates, South Korea and the United States, a whole network of special transfer ports for sky taxis is to be created, which will ensure fast and safe transport between airports and key locations in metropolises.