House of Money Finals on Netflix: Season 5 starts the big showdown

The Netflix success House of Money will have its 5th season in 2021. This will bring the whole series to an end. We will inform you here with constant updates regarding the start, cast and the latest developments on the most important of the final season.

Resourceful fans are content with a strong replacement thriller series with a Haus des Geldes star, but the expectation is on the last, 5th season of the acclaimed Heist series by Álex Pina of course big. So what can we expect in the big Netflix showdown?

When does House of Money season 5 start on Netflix?

An official start date for the House of Money finals has not yet been released by Netflix. However, Explica reports an internal leak in the streaming service, according to which the 5th season should appear in mid-August 2021.

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The shooting of Haus des Geldes Season 5 was delayed in the corona pandemic, finally started in late summer / autumn 2020 and should end in early 2021, so that only post-production is pending at Netflix. This time there are 10 episodes instead of the last 8 episodes per season.

House of Money story: what is the final season about?

What's next in season 5? House of Money wants to let it really pop again for the final climax.

When the first details of the plot were announced at House of Money, series creator Álex Pina promised a new direction: The series would change "from a chess game to a war strategy: attack and conflict" ... it will be "extreme and cruel".

After the professor's gang started a new raid in the Spanish central bank in Madrid in season 3 to free the captured Rio, they remained locked in this scene in season 4 and diligently melted gold.

Remember the House of Money season 4 with the Netflix trailer

Season 5 of House of Money will now bring this heist to an end. That means: either the gang escapes again (like from the music printing press in season 2), they are caught or they die. Everything is still open, even if theories about the end of the house of money draw dark visions.

Liberated Lisbon made it into the bank at the end of Season 4 of the House of Money. The professor was last in a massive cliffhanger by the dangerous policewoman Alicia Sierra tracked down. We then asked 6 urgent questions after Season 4 of House of Money.

Potential spoilers that will follow on in Season 5 of House of Money on Netflix are as follows:

House of Money Season 5 Pictures and Videos

Fans have to wait a long time for the first real pictures and trailers for House of Money Season 5. In return, Netflix consoled the long wait with a video homage to Berlin and a spiteful video about Arturo Roman.

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Meanwhile, House of Money appeared on the stars' social media channels with dirty photos and in this way promised a lot of action for the House of Money finale in season 5.

House of Money Cast: Which Actors Will Netflix Season 5?

You can remember the most important characters in our Who is Who in the House of Money?

Or you can simply find out for yourself which predator you are in the House of Money personality quiz. Otherwise, the following characters will return in Season 5:

The professor's gang in the Money House on Netflix

House of Money: The New Arrivals in Season 5

With the announcement of season 5, two new opponents were also revealed for Haus des ZXC Movies who are supposed to be charismatic and glamorous and whose intelligence can hold a candle to the professor. They are played by:

The police in the House of Money on Netflix

Hostages and other people in the House of Money, Season 5

It will also be exciting to see how people who have receded into the background and are dead in season 5 are dealt with. (Dead gang members have been brought back several times in flashbacks and dream sequences in the Netflix series.)

No Season 6 for House of Money on Netflix: But that's not the end

House of Money won't get a 6th season, making it one of the many series we'll lose in 2021.

Even if House of Money will close after season 5, that doesn't necessarily mean a goodbye forever. There are several projects that want to inherit the House of Money:

House of Money at Netflix: Trivia knowledge for fans of the series

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Podcast: House of Money and the Spanish series on Netflix

In this episode of Stream Flurry - also on Spotify - we check the hyped Spanish series such as Elite and House of Money and answer for whom they are worthwhile:

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With House of Money and Elite, two of the hottest Netflix series come from Spain. In the podcast we find out why Spain is booming at Netflix, how good the elite and the house of money really are and which other Spanish series and films are worth a look.

Which end do you wish for Netflix's House of Money Season 5?