Beating inferno Godzilla vs. Kong: 3 mega blockbusters are part of MonsterVerse - now cheaper at Amazon

Godzilla vs. Kong is the culmination of the MonsterVerse, which has been around since 2014, founded by Godzilla. In total there are now 3 films in this monster universe and you can currently get all 3 films at a lower price as part of Popcorn Week on Amazon.

Save in a double pack: Kong: Skull Island and Godzilla 2 on 4K Blu-ray

Combination offer 2 for 35 euros *: the 4K Blu-rays of the two blockbusters each cost just under 22 euros. So you now save 9 euros if you put together the visually stunning double pack. The offer is valid until February 28th.

Unfortunately, the first part, Godzilla, does not yet exist as a 4K Blu-ray. But it is part of the combination offer "Blu-rays 3 for 2" on Amazon - you can find the details below.

When will Godzilla vs. Kong hit theaters?

Godzilla vs. Kong comes to the cinema on March 25, 2021, provided that the German cinemas are then reopened. Adam Wingard (You're Next) is directing the film.

Popcorn Week on Amazon: What Exactly Is It?

This campaign is specifically aimed at film fans and everything they need. The individual islands look accordingly: They range from televisions, soundbars to combination offers of Blu-rays.

Popcorn Week at Amazon: An overview of the product lines

Digital purchases: film masterpieces for EUR sWatchMovies *

Films included, among others:

Physical Purchases: DVDs and Blu-rays - 3 for 2 *

Films included, among others:

Physical purchases: 4K and Ultra HD Blu-rays - 2 for 35 euros *

Films included, among others:

Physical purchases: 2 Blu-rays for 15 euros *

Films included, among others:

Physical purchases: 3 DVDs for 15 euros *

Films included, among others:

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