Thu. Dec 3rd, 2020

The internet giant is constantly developing its flagship application that serves millions of people to navigate every day. More news have just appeared. They will help you in better orientation in the field.

And it’s all thanks to the technology of artificial intelligence and augmented reality. Google has perfected its very interesting feature in Google Maps – Live View. It was enriched with 5 new possibilities. Now the markers are much more visible, which is supposed to allow better orientation in the field. Many more attractions and places of interest in the world’s largest cities have also been marked.

Live View can now be launched at different stages of the journey. Google developers have made available a special, dedicated button, which is to enable quick transition from normal map browsing or navigation mode to augmented reality mode Cybernet Digital.

There is also the function of sharing the location in Live View mode. This means that we can share our current location with friends. It is a very practical solution. When we make an appointment in the park and we cannot find each other with friends, all they have to do is share their location with us, and then the Live View mode will show us using markers on the screen of our smartphone.

Google announces that new Live View features will begin to appear among users in the coming days. At the same time, Live View is to be further developed continuously. The giant believes that this is the future of smartphone navigation. Maybe now this mode does not live up to the hopes placed on it, but that will change soon. The most important thing is that more and more people should become convinced of it, and therefore its functionality will also increase.

By Franz