Thu. Dec 3rd, 2020

One of the biggest mysteries of the universe is gold. This may seem strange, but the essence of its creation and presence in such large quantities around the Earth is a great mystery, which does not solve quickly.

Gold can arise only through nuclear fusion. This means that it is very difficult to produce. This element is preferably formed in collisions of neutron stars, where the merger of nuclear giant temperatures in the lighter nuclei are linked together into heavier ITS SCIENCE CLUB. The problem is that very rarely comes to the collision of neutron stars, which produce gold.

Scientists have no idea why on Earth and in the solar system is so much of this precious element for mankind. It does not come with us after a collision energy of objects. Astronomers can not detect any traces of the interaction of such objects close to us in space, before the formation of the solar system.

Arise from time to time more and more new theories to be the answer to all the questions associated with it, but in a short time are all clear evidence refuted. Astronomers believe even that the origin of gold is greater mystery of black holes.

One such theory may be the existence of mysterious magnetorotacyjnych supernovae. They explode as a result unimaginably powerful magnetic fields, emitted as a result of the jets, to include the matter in this very gold. It sounds logical, but the problem is that this type of phenomena occur so rarely that this idea does not explain the presence of such quantities of gold in the Universe, including in the solar system.

Interestingly, some astronomers believe that in space objects are unknown to us, which are engaged in the production of gold. It is to be an important element in the evolution of the universe, and including controlling the flow of dark matter or energy. Others believe that the gold in the solar system is the result of the existence of alien cywilizcji. They would have artificial sun or artificially produced many powerful facilities for the production of energy, which as a side effect produce just gold.

Scientists do not hide that they are interested in the discovery of a secret source powstawiania gold. It is likely that with the solution to this puzzle will get the answer to a lot more questions than we all think.

By Franz