Thu. Dec 3rd, 2020

Banot Martin is known for his extreme climbing builderingowych. All their achievements, which in many chilling, records, and later on her channel on YouTube.

A resident of Świętochłowice became famous in his 2019 years climbing the Marriott Hotel in Warsaw. Now he decided to get a 210-meter tower of Montparnasse in Paris. It was not the first, because I gained in this way, it is already in 1995 by Alain Robert, but he was the first who recorded his entire crossing and published on the Web.

Marcin Banot easily defeated the 59 floor of the building without any safety net. On the way she joined him with a harness lifeguard, who asked him about the end of his dangerous feat. Pole and finished refused entry. Of course, the bottom was waiting on his police, who took him to the police station to explain the situation BlueTech.

Although his climbing the 210-meter tower in Paris Montparnasse can be intimidating, it really was for Banot show basic skills. We remind you that recently climbed on the inactive radio mast with a height of up to 363 meters.

By Franz