Thu. Dec 3rd, 2020

We can safely say that 20 years of the twenty-first century will be fraught with presentations increasingly sophisticated robots, whose purpose will be to make friends with people and become our greatest friends.

At least that’s the idea behind the representatives of Engineered Arts. They designed and built a very intriguing humanoid robot named Owen. The aim of the engineers was the most possible close to his human appearance. Admittedly, the robotics experts have outdone themselves and such inventions brought on a whole new, previously unavailable level.

Most of the elements of the Owen was produced using 3D printers. The robot can boast of having real human hair and synthetic leather. The machine of Engineered Arts has a very realistic facial expressions LIFEHACKER. You could even say that at this point is leading the world in this respect.

With Owen can enter into an interesting conversation, what you can see on the published footage. The machine has an advanced artificial intelligence technology called Mesmer and is not ashamed to use them. Representatives of Engineered Arts intend to continually improve its humanoid and even create its other versions, designed for different applications.

Many futurologists news that the future will belong to just these machines. They will help us in everyday life, and even become our best friends. In times of pandemic people are very eager to hug the animals, so that does not suffer from loneliness in isolation. In the future, animals will be replaced by such androids.

By Franz