Thu. Dec 3rd, 2020

Eager for adventure on the International Space Station have a unique chance to fulfill dreams, because the flight to the ISS is to win in one of the television programs world wire.

Space Hero, because it was a question, is the new reality show, whose aim is to send one of the participants in the cosmos, and more specifically on the 10-day vacation on the International Space Station. What is worth noting, however, interested in this prize they have to fight alone, because as inform the service Deadline, the road awaits them kator┼╝niczych series of training, during which experts will test their physical, mental and emotional strength. Final competition will be able to follow live, because the idea is that in the last episode is by voting viewers decide who most deserved the victory and unique prize, which will be completed in 2023.

Then the program will be able to see the content of the trip the winners, their stay on the ISS and return home – training for the future, “astronaut” and his journey will be responsible startup Axiom space, and the whole game will consume enormous costs. Nobody decided to obviously give specific numbers, but speculates CNBC, based in part on information officially provided by NASA, we are talking about at least $ 50 million, and the additional fee for the American space agency, which counts 35,000 US dollars for night spent on the ISS, explaining that maintenance costs. Unfortunately, Space Hero Space Axiom and have not decided yet comment on the matter, so we have to wait for official information.

By Franz